Mayor Hicks-Hudson says city is making progress on fixing residential roads

Mayor Hicks-Hudson says city is making progress on fixing residential roads

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The 2017 mayoral election is only weeks away and potholes are a chief concern among residents in the Glass City.

Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson held a campaign event Wednesday focusing on the city's residential street paving program.

Mayor Hicks-Hudson says when she took over as mayor, she first addressed the budget to help free up funds to work on the roads. She says doing the major roads was the easy part because the city could partner with ODOT.

However when it comes to residential roads, Mayor Hicks-Hudson says the city is beginning working on a program that will help fix roads in Toledo's neighborhoods. The money will come from the city's budget.

The city says they get information from Engage Toledo and district council members to see what city's get priority.

Mayor Hicks-Hudson says she understands the frustration of residents. But she says the city is making progress.

"In 2016, when we tried to get the three-quarter percent increase, people complained about fixing the streets," Mayor Hicks-Hudson said. "And so it's important that we now have a solution to do just that. So we're going to continue to work on that solution so we can expand this program more and more."

Mayor Hicks-Hudson says the city is not focused on patching potholes, but rather make permanent repairs.

Her opponent Wade Kapszukiewicz says he believes the city is doing a good job at resurfacing the roads already. However, he says it needs to be more of a priority.

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