Grain truck rolls over on Miami ramp

Grain truck rolls over on Miami ramp

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A grain truck flipped over and lost it's load, causing Exit 199 to Miami on southbound I-75 to shut down Wednesday for three hours during rush hour.

Police say Nathan Herr was driving the truck when he hit the concrete barrier as he exited the curve toward Miami Street. The truck tipped over on the driver's side, spilling the grain and also leaking diesel fuel and hydraulic fluid.

Herr was treated at the scene for minor injuries, and hazmat was called to the scene.

During the harvest season, there is much more traffic along I-75 with the transfer of grains to and from the storage facilities near Hollywood Casino.

But of course, with the influx of traffic comes more accidents. When the ramps were initially built, the increased level of traffic volume was not anticipated.

"We handle this a lot. So we're all, we've got a sand truck, a loader, up here within twenty minutes. We usually do this on a regular basis," said Tom Powell, the ODOT Transportation Manager.

Bridge reconstruction and a new interchange is supposed to be coming to the area.

The project was supposed to have started already but has been pushed back and until it is completed, complications will likely continue for those who live and work in the area.

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