New emergency center for central Toledo will help save lives

New emergency center for central Toledo will help save lives

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - From shootings to accidents, the emergency room at Mercy Saint Vincent's sees its share of trauma on any given night. Now they're even better equipped to save lives.

Tuesday, Mercy Health unveiled a brand new multi-million dollar emergency center.

Their new two-story, 29,000 square foot building will now house St. Vincent and Mercy Children's emergency services. It will also get patients who are flown there by life flight to the care they need, faster.

"When there's a trauma it's an all hands on deck approach," said the medical center's President, Jeff Dempsey.

But in this new emergency center, Dempsey said that all hands on deck moment will be more efficient.

"You'll see the layout really lends itself to acting as quickly as possible when those traumas come in, with the highest technology available. To provide quick access to save lives," said Dempsey.

That technology is seen throughout the building, from the level one trauma center, to an emergency area dedicated to children.

There are elevators that take Life Flight patients flown there directly to the area they need to be. It also means more space and tools for the residents who train here.

"Because of the critical care, the level of trauma and the level of difficult patients we have," said Dr. Randy King, Director of Emergency Medicine Residency. "And they're very grateful that they can then take those skills that they learned here and take them out to other places in the country."

One of those places is Las Vegas. That's where a former resident was working when the mass shooting happened, sending hundreds of people to the emergency rooms there.

"He happened to be on duty the night they had their absolute disaster in Las Vegas," said Dr. King. "There's nothing more rewarding for me than to be in a job where I can help train people that will then go out and deliver that kind of care. While at the same time I can stay here and deliver care, where it's home."

Mercy St. Vincent's new Emergency Center is at the same location as its current E.R. on Cherry Street. It is set to open at 3 a.m.. on November 8.

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