Kaptur announces Urban Agriculture Production Act

Kaptur announces Urban Agriculture Production Act

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Planting the seed early, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur visited Toledo Grows to announce her Urban Agriculture Production Act Tuesday, which she wants added to the Farm Bill for 2018.

Representative Kaptur said this act will help local, urban farmers like Joe Austin, a member of the Junction Coalition, extend the life of their produce.

"I know about canning produce but I never thought about it and I never knew she had the skills to do it," said Austin. "She did and she said she did it herself."

At a recent event, members of the Junction Coalition gave the Congresswoman, native to Toledo, a bag of the pears Mr. Austin's grows. From there sparked an idea, to can his pears to show him how neighbors like his can start to make money from what they grow.

"The farm bill would no longer redline out urban areas," said Kaptur. "It would make it would make all of that expertise available inside cities."

Expertise and resources like gr ants to advance agriculture production in underserved areas, like where Mr. Austin grows his pears.

It would create a liaison to the USDA, extend the senior farmers market discount program to veterans and provide resources to local, urban farmers.

"Surprised by all of the information that was available here today," said Austin. "So my head is full, my heart is pounding. So, I'm going to try and pass this information on."

Kaptur is excited about what will grow in Toledo.

"With over 125 gardens in the city, we have many examples of where this creativity is taking root," Kaptur said.

With her roots firmly rooted in Toledo, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur believes the region can be a leader in urban agriculture with the help of her addition to the Farm Bill.

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