Local family donates nearly $30 Million to improve well-being of Toledoans

Local family donates nearly $30 Million to improve well-being of Toledoans

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The health of a person goes beyond their blood pressure. A person's health can be measure by how a person lives, what they eat and if they have resources to find a job.

The family of the late Russel J. Ebeid was recognized for making a donation of $28.5 million Tuesday toward existing efforts to address social determinants of health (SDOH).

At the ProMedica Ebeid Institute, President and CEO of ProMedica Randy Oostra said the research by their doctors shows overall health, education, jobs and family stability are the key social determinants of health.

Community fundraising and matching investments from ProMedica will turn the $28.5 million donation from the Ebeid family into $50 million.

"People want a better life," said Oostra. "They want the type of things that everybody wants for their families. They have just lacked the resources or the opportunity or the connection to make that happen. And really that's what this gift is going to do. It's going to help those services in reach of people who need them."

Like the people living around the central business district who've already benefited from the Market On The Green. This market allows folks in the area to buy local sources, produce and other grocery items.

A representative for the Ebeid family said the family is very private. But with this donation, Cleves Delp said the family hopes to impact change for years to come.

"If they're willing to travel the path, do the hard work, do what's necessary so perhaps their lives and the generation after them will continue to improve is really the motivation behind the Ebeid promise," Delp said.

Oostra said this gift will also allow doctors to continue to research social determinants of health not just in Toledo but across the country.

There weren't any members of the Ebeid family at the announcement Tuesday, but the room was filled with gratitude of their gift to improve the health and future of Toledo.

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