Contractor hits gas line, causes road closures downtown

Contractor hits gas line, causes road closures downtown
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Drivers in the downtown area ran into unexpected road closures Tuesday morning at Summit and Monroe Street or at Summit and Washington.

The department of utilities and the department of transportation said a contractor accidentally hit a gas line.

The construction crew was sawing through an unused water line to make way for other lines, but didn't realize a gas line ran through the existing water line.

Police were called to the scene until the gas line was deactivated and the explosion hazard passed.

The marking indicating the location of the gas line was six feet away from where it should have been,

Summit Street is still closed as a result.

Police say southbound Summit Street traffic should use Jefferson Avenue, northbound traffic should use Washington Avenue and eastbound traffic on Monroe Street can use St. Clair Street.

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