DART, LCCS announce partnership to help children, parents affected by heroin

DART, LCCS announce partnership to help children, parents affected by heroin

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The heroin epidemic has taken over our neighborhoods and put many children in foster homes.

Lucas County Children's Services and the DART team announced a partnership on Tuesday in the hopes of getting parents help, to eventually reunite them with their kids.

LCCS currently has 900 children in foster care, and many of those kids are there because their parents have fallen victim to the opioid epidemic.

Leaders from both DART and LCCS hope their partnership allows both of their respective organizations to help addicts.

A sheriff's deputy will now be a liason between two entities so that when an addict starts working with DART, they can get into treatment right away.

This combines both the social work and law enforcement side of heroin epidemic in an effort to get the parents sober so they can stay on the right track and get their children back.

Lt. Robert Chromik with DART said parents are more motivated to get sober if they know doing so will reunite them with their kids.

"Not having to worry about their children and defeating that stigma that law enforcement or children services are out there to take their kids away. It's about unification and keeping the family together, but at the same time it's strategically advantageous for the DART unit and every partner in our community," Lt. Chromik said.

Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp said they received more than $100,000 from the state to hire two more DART officers for this partnership.

The partnership is expected to being in the next couple weeks.

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