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TARTA asks for public input on proposed service changes


TARTA wants to know what you think about its proposed changes. 

There public hearings are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss changes to the transportation service.

These changes include increased bus routes for all TARTA weekday fixed-line services to every 30 or 60 minutes during the daytime in downtown.

The current route connections occur every 30 to 50 minutes in the evenings and weekends. 

The change would allow for nearly all routes to meet at once on Jackson Street so riders can catch other buses at the same time and location.

The adjustments to the routes would be as follows:

  • 1/4 Ottawa Hills/Sylvania/Sylvania Twp Call-A-Ride—NO CHANGES
  • (formerly 2M/H) Franklin Park via Toledo Hospital—adjust schedule for lineup and routing changes with access to ProMedica Toledo Hospital on all trips; rename 2H/M to 2
  • 3 North/South Crosstown—NO CHANGES
  • (formerly 5R) Dorr via UT Main Campus/Wal-Mart—adjust schedule for lineup and routing changes; no access to the Independence/Nebraska/Richards loop; UT Transit Center outbound only
  • 6N/S King Road/City of Sylvania—NO CHANGES
  • 8/29 Maumee/Waterville Call-A-Ride—adjust Waterville Call-A-Ride hours from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. to 8 a.m.-5 p.m. 
  • 10 Rossford Call-A-Ride—adjust schedule for lineup changes
  • 10L Rossford via Hollywood Casino—NO CHANGES
  • 12 (formerly 12/13) Front/Starr)—adjust schedule for lineup and routing changes; all trips clockwise; rename 12/13 to 12
  • 14 (formerly 11/14) East Broadway/Oakadjust schedule for lineup and routing changes; all trips clockwise direction; rename 11/14 to 14
  • 15A Summit/Suder/Alexis—adjust schedule for lineup changes
  • 15E Summit/Point Place via Alexis—adjust schedule for lineup changes
  • 16 Alexis via Meijer—adjust schedule for lineup changes
  • 17B Lagrange/Bennett via Miracle Mile—adjust schedule for lineup changes
  • 17E Lagrange/Eleanor via Miracle Mile—adjust schedule for lineup changes
  • 19F Cherry/Franklin Park—adjust schedule for lineup and routing changes; no access to Laskey/Secor
  • 19T Cherry/Tremainsville—adjust schedule lineup and routing changes to absorb Laskey/Secor
  • 20F (formerly 24) Central Ave/Franklin Park Mall—adjust schedule and routing for lineup changes; absorb route 24 between Downtown and Delaware/Detroit; no access to ProMedica Toledo Hospital; modify routing to Franklin Park via Central/Talmadge; no access to Executive Parkway/Secor Rd
  • 20M Central/Meijer Drive—adjusted schedule for lineup changes
  • 20W (formerly 24T) Ottawa Hills via Westgate—Ottawa Hills via Westgate; adjusted schedule for lineup changes; rename 24T to 20W
  • 20 (formerly 20/24) Central/Westgate/Wal-Mart—no route or schedule changes; rename 20/24 to 20
  • 22 Bancroft via UT Campus/Franklin Park—adjust schedule for lineup changes; no access to Harvest/Sylvania
  • 26D Berdan/Douglas/Miracle Mile—adjust schedule for lineup changes
  • 26L Lewis/Alexis/Miracle Mile—adjust schedule for lineup changes
  • 27H Nebraska/Hill-Reynolds—adjust schedule for lineup changes
  • 27N Nebraska/South-Reynolds (formerly Airport-Wenz)adjust schedule for lineup and routing changes; no access to Reynolds/Angola/Wenz/Airport loop: to be covered by route 32H
  • 28 Indiana/Smead/Oakwood (formerly 28/30)adjust lineup schedule and routing; clockwise direction with 28/30; rename to 28
  • 29X Waterville Express—NO CHANGES
  • 31G Glendale/Southwyck—adjust schedule for lineup changes
  • 31H Heatherdowns/Southwyck—adjust schedule for lineup changes
  • 32H South/Airport via Home Depot—adjust schedule for lineup and routing changes; no access to Southwyck Blvd; add Reynolds/Angola/Wenz/Airport loo
  • 32R UTMC/Southwyck—adjust schedule for lineup changes
  • 34 Detroit/Byrne/Western via UTMC—adjust schedule for lineup changes
  • 35 Airport/Maumee-Arrowhead—NO CHANGES
  • 39 Franklin Park/City of Sylvania—NO CHANGES
  • 39M Monroe/Sylvania-Centennial—NO CHANGES
  • 41 Glendale-Southland/Maumee-Arrowhead—adjust schedule and Downtown routing
  • 43 Maumee-Arrowhead/Western via UTMC—NO CHANGES
  • 44X St. Luke’s Hospital—NO CHANGES

School Day Routes

  • 11A/B East Broadway Crosstown—NO CHANGES
  • 18A/B/C Sylvania Avenue Crosstown—NO CHANGES
  • 20A/B Upton Avenue Crosstown—NO CHANGES
  • 27A/B/C Reynolds Road Crosstown—NO CHANGES
  • 34A/B/C Airport Highway Crosstown—NO CHANGES
  • 36A/B Hawley Crosstown—adjusted afternoon schedule
  • 37A/B Central Avenue Crosstown—NO CHANGES

The changes would go into effect on January 7 of next year. 

You can tell TARTA what you think on Tuesday at main library of The McMaster Family Center for Lifelong Learning at 12:30 p.m, or at the TARPS Facility at 6 p.m.

Wednesday's hearing will also be held at the TARPS Facility at 12:30 p.m.

Visit here for more information.

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