Vacant church's roof collapses in east Toledo

Vacant church's roof collapses in east Toledo
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - An abandoned East Toledo church partially collapsed Monday night on Fourth Street. It's something neighbors called for action on from the city last may, but mother nature acted on.

Neighbors say the half crumbled structure was Calvary Bible Church and it's been abandoned for several years and visibly deteriorating.

On Monday night if you drove by the Biloxi get you'd see bricks laying around the foundation and the roof completely caved in.

Toledo Fire says the collapse caused no injuries or damage to other homes, but they did have it marked as a code red building because its structurally unsound.

Neighbors say they've been calling city offices for more than a year about trying to get the building taken down safely after they watched it fall apart. Some neighbors say they were actually relieved to hear the rumble.

"Six o'clock in the night we sit down to watch the news all of the sudden we heard this atomic bomb go off, boom," said John Truby, a neighbor living nearby. "And first thing I thought about, 'Hey the church fell!' And then there it is laying all over the ground."

Toledo Fire Department says the building will be demolished Tuesday, but until then Toledo Police will monitor the site to ensure safety if more of the building were to collapse.
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