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City council approves resolution to declare Lake Erie impaired

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The Toledo City Council approved a resolution to environmental agencies to have them declare Lake Erie impaired.

The vote came Tuesday evening, with only one council member voting against the resolution.

"Once we get this impaired from the EPA, and we will get it eventually, that's really the first step. There's an awful amount of work to be done after that, so we're hoping people will maintain the attention on this issue and keep at it," said Mike Ferner of Advocated for a Clean Lake Erie.

Many people in the Toledo-area pushed for the lake to be declared impaired under the Clean Water Act, including Toledo mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson. 

City council members took up the issue at 4 p.m. Monday evening.

Even though city council passed the resolution, the lake is not yet declared impaired. The final decision will come from the federal government and the state of Ohio.

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