Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: October 15, 2017

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - First topic on this week's leading: Amazon, the shipping giant. It says it's opening a second headquarters location somewhere and with it could come 50,000 jobs. Talk about an immediate and profound economic impact.

John Jezak is the city manager for the city of Maumee and Brian McMahon is President of Danberry National. They are a part of an organized effort to get Amazon to look our way. Together they explain and explore the process, their pitch, their strategy to woo Amazon.

And then next is the man who some say wears his heart on his sleeve, and always wears TPS on his collar, superintendent Dr. Romules Durant. Kicked back in a comfortable looking easy chair, Toledo's school superintendent assessed the State of the District last week.

Jerry and Dr. Durant dig into what is going on with the district and how it is working to improve.

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