Autopsy results released for victims in double homicide

Autopsy results released for victims in double homicide

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Lucas County Coroner's Office has released the autopsy results of the two victims involved in a homicide in south Toledo.

Dr. Linda Beisser conducted the autopsy of 18-year-old Deiyana Porter. She said Porter was hit multiple times in the right arm, right leg and abdomen.

Dr. Beisser said Porter was sitting in the right rear passenger seat of a parked SUV.

Dr. Diane Barnett performed the autopsy of 18-year-old Gregory Stone. She said Stone was hit six times with shots fired from a high-power rifle.

Dr. Barnett said Stone was sitting in the driver's seat of the same parked SUV. She believes both Stone and Porter were shot with the same weapon.

Dr. Barnett also said the projectiles recovered from Stone and Gregory are similar to those found in Dantana Cunningham.

Cunningham was found shot to death on Chapin Street on October 8. He was shot about eight blocks away from where Stone and Porter were killed on Brighton Avenue.

Cunningham's death has since been ruled a homicide.

Toledo police spokesman Kevan Toney said he doesn't know if the same weapon was used in these three killings, and doesn't know if TPD will release that information.

Toney said the unusual nature of the three homicides prompted Toledo Police chief George Kral to issue a statement asking that people with knowledge of the killings come forward with information that could help solve these cases.

The coroner's office has ruled Stone and Porter's deaths as homicides.

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