Athlete of the Week: Shannon Herrmann

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Field hockey is not the most popular sport, especially in this part of Ohio. Only Ottawa Hills and Maumee Valley field varsity field hockey teams.

Among the players on Maumee Valley is junior Shannon Herrmann.

Her mother coached Maumee Valley field hockey for nearly three decades. Naturally, Shannon grew up with game, playing in youth programs in the third grade.

"She's an amazing athlete. Three seasons thru the year, best at speed and agility. And she just knows how to score," Terri Herrmann said. "That's her edge. So she has an edge that way."

Last week, Herrmann scored three goals in the Hawks' 4-3 victory over Ottawa Hills.

So far, she has 37 goals this season and looking to put up even more impressive numbers.

"It's really difficult. We work everyday at practice," Herrmann said. "Running sprints, agility. Gotta be on our game for the competition all the time, be ready to compete."

She credits her teammates for helping her score.

"I've gotta go through the team to score. They help get me the ball toward the goal with assist passes, helping me to score," Herrmann said.

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