Boy Scouts allows girls to join Cub Scouts, earn their way to Eagle Scout

Boy Scouts allows girls to join Cub Scouts, earn their way to Eagle Scout

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - After only accepting boys for more than 100 years, Boy Scouts of America is now allowing girls to join the Cub Scouts program.

They say they do not plan on changing the name, but the Cub Scout groups have the chance to have "dens" for both boys and girls. However, they will be separated.

Boy Scout leaders say girls are already joining their brothers, so they thought they might as well give them a chance to be a cub scout.

They are still working on logistics on how exactly this will work with things like camping trips, but they believe their programs will do just as much for the girls as it already does for the boys.

First, they are rolling out the opportunity for them to become Cub Scouts, and then eventually in 2019, they can also become a coveted Eagle Scout.

Leaders from both local Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts reacted to the announcement:

"Girl Scouting is all about the girls, the girl scout programs and curriculum are developed specifically for girls and through research we know that providing girls a safe, girl led, girl focused environment, makes a difference," said Christy Gustin, the Girl Scout Regional Director for Toledo.

"It helps out family members that have multiple children that they would make a choice of not bringing their son to a cub scout program like an event that we would have at Miakonda if we said no vs. saying yes to the entire family," said Ed Caldwell, the Scout Executive/CEO of Erie Shores Boy Scouts.

Boy Scout leaders hope they can continue partnering with the local Girl Scouts for events moving forward.

The cub scout program for girls begins in 2018.

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