Fremont City Schools moves forward with new building plans

Fremont City Schools moves forward with new building plans

FREMONT, OH (WTOL) - After passing a $58 million dollar levy, residents in Fremont are looking forward to their future five new school buildings.

Fremont City Schools hired two architects for the project. One will focus on the new high school, while the other will design the four new elementary buildings.

The high school will be located at the current Ross high school location, while the four elementary buildings will go into existing elementary locations. Crews will eventually demolish the three remaining elementary school buildings.

Stamm Elementary will likely become parking for the nearby football stadium, while the other two could become green space.

The city will hire contractors in early November.

New Superintendent Jon Detwiler says the project has the entire community buzzing with excitement.

"It's huge! And actually we did a little research and we believe this may be the single largest building project in the history of the county," Detwiler said. "Now obviously we have some very large companies and facilities. But nothing at one time int his short of a window with that much money. So it is, for our county and our community, this is a very big deal."

Superintendent Detwiler says it is still too early to lay out a full timeline for construction. He is confident that the district will be able to move into their new elementary buildings by the fall of 2020.

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