Money Talks News: How to avoid infuriating fees

Money Talks News - When we need something, we expect to pay for it. That's only fair. But what isn't fair is fees that exist just to fatten some businesses bottom line. They're an insult and there are plenty of businesses that do that.

The airport is one of them for an example. It is a building so full of insulting fees, it's hard to count them all.

Passengers aren't going to find only fees to check bags, but depending on the airline,  there may be fees to bring a carry-on bag, select a seat, book by phone, print a boarding pass, bring a pet and on some International flights, carry a baby on their own lap. Spirit airlines even charges for in-flight water.

And that's just flying. Rent a car and you might encounter one of the most overpriced charges anywhere; the collision damage waiver. A substitute for insurance, it can most per day than the rental car. Some rental companies also charge for returning a car early.

Next stop for an insulting fee? The neighborhood bank. It's not enough that they're paying practically zero interest, now they're charging consumers just to have a checking account.

Most banks are charging monthly just to have a checking account and consumers pay to get their own money from another bank's ATM. Some credit cards have fees for foreign transactions, some banks charge to talk to a teller and many charge up to $10 just to cash a check.

Then there are the homes away from home: Hotels.

Some hotels charge resort fees to use the pool, a fee to park the car, for in-room coffee, late check-out and even for the newspaper.

In conclusion, the only time someone should ever pay extra is when they get extra. Want to learn to avoid some of these insulting fees? Then go to the Money Talks News website and do a search for "fees."

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