BBB warns of returning computer scam

(WTOL) - You may have first heard of this scam when the Better Business Bureau warned you about it in June 2016.

It's a computer scam where people claiming to be from Microsoft or Tech Support say they are monitoring your computer and have noticed your computer has a virus they can fix.

This scam has fooled customers out of millions of dollars, and Dick Eppstein of the BBB says it's back.

Eppstein says the scam can start with a pop-up message on your computer saying your computer is infected. There is a number provided that you can call that promises to fix the virus on your computer.

Calling the number can cost you hundreds of dollars and cause you to be entered into a service agreement that you don't want to be in, but that's not all.

If you give these scammers access to your computer, they can install their own viruses to steal your private information and even your identity.

It is estimated that this scam cheats consumers out of more than $25 million every year.

"Operation Tech Trap", a nationwide and international crackdown on tech-support scams run by the Federal Trade Commission and other regulators, fights to protect you from scams such as these.

The BBB says to never click on links in emails. Ignore pop-up messages that tell you to call tech support, and never call a number that warns of a computer problem.

If those numbers call you, you are advised to hang up.

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