Local dog travels to Las Vegas to offer comfort

Local dog travels to Las Vegas to offer comfort

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - She provides comfort. Smiles. And even a shoulder to cry on.

Anna, the comfort dog from Trinity Lutheran Church went to Las Vegas Monday to help with the healing and not just  for the shooting victims.

As part of the Lutheran Church Charities, Anna has been Trinity Lutheran's Comfort Dog for two and a half years.

She has gone to Louisiana to console flood victims and helped people through this year's trial in the deaths of the two Toledo firefighters.

Her first Las Vegas stop was at the 911 center. She visited the workers who took phone calls from frantic victims and witnesses plleading for an ambulance or what to do next.

A Facebook post by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said dispatchers were suffering pain and confusion. The post then says: "In the days following there were no smiles, only heartbreak and grief. Then the LLC K9 Comfort Dogs came."

"They were just thrilled to death to have Anna there and the other dogs that we had. We had a total of ten dogs that we had there," said Frank Shirley, Anna's handler.

Anna is in Las Vegas with two of her Toledo handlers, Frank Shirley and Deb Fahncke.

They also took Anna to hospitals to meet with victims recovering from their injuries. Some victims were shot in the heart, others in the head.

"One guy got shot in the leg. He wasn't in real critical condition but he still had to stay around here. But the ones that were able to communicate with us, just absolutely appreciated that we were taking the time to come and visit them," said Shirley.

Shirley said Anna has been very busy and that she's a little tired from jet lag. But they'll continue to meet with victims and others until this Friday.

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