Local STEM team competes in national competition

Local STEM team competes in national competition

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The team of STEM students came up with their best solution to help farmers process manure and fertilizer in a more environmental friendly way.

The St. Ursula team is putting the final touches on their model of a machine which separates manure into water, liquid fertilizer and dry fertilizer.

"We're actually working with a company in Canada who's created a machine to help process manure," said Hannah Haselhuhn, Senior, St. Ursula Academy. "We're also looking into ways we can work with our government to make it more financial feasible for farmers."

The team is competing against high schools from across the country in the Lexus Eco Challenge.

They're were tasked with finding solutions for an environmental problem in their area. They chose the harmful algal blooms.

"This is an extremely relevant issue in our community," said Morgan Amonett, Senior, St. Ursula Academy. "As we were just talking about the Maumee River and Lake Erie. This has been a problem for years. now."

The students recognize that not just one group will be able to solve this problem that scientists say took years to create.

"What we were doing was great," said Amonett. "What companies are doing is great. But ultimately this problem is bigger than just farms and just manure and phosphorus runoff. It's more than that and in order to solve it we have to involve government as well."

As part of their solution, the students have researched government subsidies for farmers to help them purchase the expensive but environmentally and economically friendly technology.

They sent a letter to Representative Bob Latta. WTOL 11 called Latta's DC office but because it's of Columbus day, there was no return call.

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