TPD's success from virtual ride-along has them thinking about more

TPD's success from virtual ride-along has them thinking about more

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo Police hosted a virtual ride along last week and the positive feedback they're still getting after the weekend has leaders thinking about doing more.

TPD posted videos all over its Twitter feed, showing what officers were doing during a normal shift.

Everything from overdoses, possible burglaries, to suspicious teens were seen on twitter. Officers hope by doing this, they give the public a better view of what they do every day.

Ride-along 419 is what they called it.

Sergeant Kevan Toney said giving residents an inside look is important because not everyone has an opportunity to do a ride along. This also lets neighbors get to know the officers who work to protect them.

Toney said being more transparent and letting everyone know what they're doing through social media is vital.

He said sometimes people might think they know what cops do from TV shows, but he hopes this paints a more clear picture.

"We want to get out there and show that we are just normal people doing the job, helping the citizens of Toledo, doing our best out there. And that's the biggest takeaway. We want to engage with the community and show them that we're out there working and doing our best for them," said Toney.

Toledo Police also just recently joined Instagram and is hoping to highlight officers on there too. The account can be followed at @Toledo_Police.

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