White nationalists impose deadline for OK on campus speeches

White nationalists impose deadline for OK on campus speeches
(Source: RNN)

Associated Press

CLEVELAND (AP) - An attorney for associates of white nationalist leader Richard Spencer says he'll sue Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati if they don't agree by Friday to make campus space available for him to speak.

A Georgia college student contacted both schools recently about renting space in the latest effort to have Spencer speak on college campuses.

Student Cameron Padgett asked University of Cincinnati to provide an auditorium for Spencer to speak later this month. A UC spokesman said last week the school was assessing safety and logistical considerations.

Padgett made a second request to Ohio State after the first was denied last month. An OSU spokesman also said safety considerations were being assessed.

Spencer organized a white nationalist rally in August that led to deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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