Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: October 8, 2017

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - First, Jerry discusses the latest on efforts to do something about our annually-challenged water supply.

There was was time on this subject with Ohio Senator Randy Gardner last week, the same week Toledo's mayor changed her position and agreed that the lake should be declared impaired.

Lucas County Commissioner Carol Contrada and University of Toledo law professor Kenneth Kilbert who teaches environmental law, natural resources law and water law discuss what is currently going on with our water supply.

And then next: School levies in Ohio. Those always tough hat-in-hand pleas by school districts that voters open their wallets to fund public education.

The way Ohio pays for public educations has, on several occasions, been ruled unconstitutional. Yet, the largely real-estate tax  approach to paying for schools is the norm, too often creating friction while putting the education of kids on the back seat.

Francis Scruci, who is into his 3rd year at the helm of the Bowling Green City Schools, makes the connection between school buildings and actually educating students.

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