Captain Phillips speaks to boy scouts banquet, signs bun for Tony Packo's

Captain Phillips speaks to boy scouts banquet, signs bun for Tony Packo's

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Boys Scouts celebrated 100 years at Camp Miakonda Thursday evening with a special guest.

Captain Richard Phillips, himself a boy scout alum, was once a hostage on a merchant ship, hijacked by Somalian pirates. He was later rescued by members of the Navy SEALs.

The events of capture and rescue were later dramatized in the hit movie 'Captain Phillips' starring Tom Hanks.

He says without the military, he would have never been able to tell his story.

"I'm not surprised by their actions. I'm not surprised by the military," Captain Phillips said. "Truly the military are the heroes in my story."

Since his capture, he has closely watch pirate activity in the waters around the world. He says it is a constant danger when going out to see.

"There's still probes. There's still pirate testing, there's still pirate actions groups out there, but the cops are on the beat. You got about 32 countries with navies out there, so I think while they're on the beat, it really going to tamper it down. But what people don't understand is we fight piracy in many parts of the world," Captain Phillips said. "If you go to sea, you got face that."

While humbled by the experience, Phillips says he found strength inside of him he did not know existed.

"One of the things I talk about is that we are all stronger than we even know. We can do more, we can take more. The strength is already within us," Phillips said. "The other part that is with that is nothing is lost until we choose to give up. Failure is the only final when we give up, give in or quit."

While in Toledo, Captain Phillips signed a hot dog bun to go on the famous walls of Tony Packo's.

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