Toledo Area Sanitary District combats West Nile virus

Toledo Area Sanitary District combats West Nile virus

MAUMEE, OH (WTOL) - The Toledo Area Sanitary District is still working to keep the mosquito population down to prevent the spread of the West Nile Virus.

Multiple tests revealed the presence of the West Nile Virus in northwest Ohio.

Thursday, the Mosquito Patrol went door-to-door in Maumee to educate home owners on how to prevent mosquitoes from incubating on their property. They also treated the area if it was needed.

Last week crews were in west Toledo. Chief Supervisor Miles Caryer said it had an overnight impact on the mosquito population. However, he said residents should be aware and stay vigilant.

"It's been hotter, so when there's any containers that hold water, they're going to breed in their," Caryer said. "It's going to help the incubation process if it stays warm outside. So they're still going to hatch, until it gets cold we're going to see them flying them around."

Now if you would like a mosquito control team to come out to your or maybe even your neighbors home, call 419-726-7891.

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