Toledo police takes citizens along for the ride with 'Tweet-A-Long'

Toledo police takes citizens along for the ride with 'Tweet-A-Long'

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo Police experimented with social media to connect with the people they protect and serve.

Police are holding what call "Tweet-A-Long" on Twitter, using the hashtag #ToledoPolice.

One police crew tweeted out what they do during the course of their Thursday afternoon shift.

The 'Tweet-A-Long' worked as a play-by-play of their day-to-day job.

Among the calls, the officers responded to complaints about someone burning leaves in their yard, a driver stalled on the road and a foot pursuit.

While between calls, the officers also answered questions from the public.

"We'll see how this one goes. Did one a few years back and that seemed to go well. We're just trying it again," Sgt. Kevin Toney said. "If people like it we'll evaluate it for the next time."

You can view more tweets for the "Tweet-A-Long" by going to the Toledo Police Twitter page.

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