Insurance agents normal day at work saves elderly woman

Insurance agents normal day at work saves elderly woman

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - In just three days two elderly women fell and were found after spending several days on the floor of their own home.

One insurance agent became a hero Wednesday, all because he trusted his instincts and contacted police to get the woman medical attention. Now he and other community leaders are urging you to be alert of your elderly neighbors.

It happens more than you would think. Senior citizens fall and can't get up, but it's vigilant community members who save the day, like Michael Brewer, an insurance agent checking in with his client when he noticed something was off.

"When I started to see the meals on wheels being backed up," said Michael Brewer, an insurance agent with First Financial Insurance Group.

He tried to meet his 78-year-old client every day this week, but kept getting no answer at her door. It was because of his training as a military police officer with the Air Force, he knew he needed to contact police.

"I've gone through certain experiences like that in the past where doing health and wellness checks as an MP (military police) resulted in a different situation because people have waited too long and so that's why I decided to make the phone call," said Brewer.

Additionally, Toledo Police performed another safety check on Monday for an elderly woman after family didn't hear from her. Officers were able to kick the door down and get her the help she needed. Both women were taken to the hospital, but are expected to recover.

"It's not uncommon to find that," said Justin Moor, vice president of planning and program development with the Area Office on Aging. "So that's one of the reasons why it's really beneficial for those viewers who are maybe a little older and maybe don't have a lot of social interaction to get connected with these programs so that there is somebody who's checking on them on a regular basis to make sure they're safe."

The Area Office on Aging has several programs to help seniors like a free, fall prevention workshop which provides balance and exercise tips along with tricks for your home.

They also offer programs that will go into seniors homes like meals on wheels or their senior volunteer patrol programs. These programs not only provide a service, but also provide interaction and a physical check on elderly in our community.

Leaders say if you know a senior at risk of falling you should be on the lookout for them and warning signs that something is not okay.

Some warning signs could be unsteadiness on their feet, bruises or even multiple car accidents in a small period of time.

Leaders at the Area Office on Aging say you should check in or call for help if you notice mail or meals stacking up, if you don't see them like normal, or if something feels very out of the ordinary.

Toledo Police said they are more than willing to make health and wellness checks, because like these instances they do mean saving a life.

Michael encourages you, whether you know a senior, work with them, or live nearby, to speak up and don't hesitate to help.

"When you're older how hard is it to just make a phone call?" asked Brewer. "A lot of times these things get overlooked because people don't think anything about it, but you could potentially be saving a life."

The Area Office of Aging said they are always available to discuss how they can help you or a senior you want to look out for or if you want to volunteer and help our local senior citizens.

You can learn about their programs on here or by calling their office at 419-382-0624.

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