Judges clear over 700 charges during Amnesty Week

Judges clear over 700 charges during Amnesty Week

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - They thought they would give it a try, and Amnesty Week at Toledo's Municipal court is proving to be a bigger success then expected.

Not just for the court to clear warrants, but for those with the warrants to be able to clear a past problem and move forward.

The numbers don't lie. Last week on Monday, judges saw 155 cases which resulted in 191 charges being cleared.  This past Monday, during amnesty week, judges handled 481 cases clearing over 700 charges.

The program has been such a success that all seven of Toledo municipal court judges have been on the bench in their courtroom the entire time the courthouse was opened in order to get all the warrants cleared.

Like Jen Thompson, who was waiting outside of the courtroom with her little ones as her husband got an old traffic ticket handled and the warrant that was issued when it wasn't paid.

"This was a good opportunity to take care of that without being worried he will get in trouble and go to jail so they are doing it all week and it was a really good opportunity," said Thompson.

Jen's husband's warrant is one of over 13,000 cleared in just the first two days.  Amnesty week runs through Saturday.

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