Secretary of State Husted Visits PENTA - Talks Importance of Vocational Programs

Secretary of State Husted Visits PENTA - Talks Importance of Vocational Programs

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - One big challenge facing career technical programs across the state of Ohio and at PENTA Career Center is keeping enrollment numbers up. One of those big barriers is funding.

Ohio's Secretary of State Jon Husted held a round table discussion at PENTA Career Center Wednesday.

There he told current students, instructors and local manufacturing and construction business owners the focus needs to be on the students education not on funding institutions.

"What we need to get the home schools to understand is that we're all supposed to be serving students,"Husted said. "Not serving school buildings or funding systems and things like that. We should be focusing on what's best for the student."

If a student from a participating home school wants to enroll in a PENTA program, the funding from the state follows the student. In essence, the home school loses that funding when the students goes to PENTA.

"We should work to make sure that whatever is in the best interest of the student that we get them to the school that best serves them," Husted said.

For Rhiannon Reaper, her home school in Oak Harbor wasn't a good fit, but studying cyber security at PENTA was.

"I'm ready to learn anything from cloud computing to cyber security and networking to setting up networks being a server advisor it's so wide as well as the advanced manufacturing," said Rhiannon Reaper, senior at PENTA.

To give school guidance counselors, teachers and administrators a better idea about what modern manufacturing jobs are today, PENTA is having a manufacturing day Friday, October 6. Contact PENTA for more information and to register.

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