Homeowner wants action after construction causes her flooded basement

Homeowner wants action after construction causes her flooded basement

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - "It's an impossible situation based on how tied my hands are," explained Christine Steinmetz, a homeowner whose basement flooded on Friday.

Imagine going several days without hot water. That's the way it is for neighbors in east Toledo after a water main break there Friday on Selkirk.

One neighbor is working hard to get answers and help after the mess.

Water was gushing in east Toledo Friday hours after a water line was hit during construction on the Miami Connector Road Project. That left water and more in several homes.

"It came way up to here past the switchboard so the whole bottom is full of stool," explained Christine Steinmetz of her furnace.

Christine wasn't home when the water began gushing, but her pets were in her basement near the rising waters. She couldn't believe it when she came home.

"It was sewage so the house reeked before I even got into it," described Steinmetz. "It was mucky it was humid, it was a total stinking mess downstairs, inhabitable to walk around."

While a cleaning crew has been out several times she lost her water heater, furnace, a washer, dryer and stove along with several personal belongings which now sit on the curb for trash. Still several days later, water drips from pipes disconnected because of the damage.

"There's nothing to do in my house I can't clean it up," said Steinmetz. "There's nothing to do in my house I mean my hands are tied right now based on getting someone in here to get tanks and water replacement, gases done."

She has called numerous offices looking to get help.

The Miami Street Connector Road Project is operated by the Ohio Department Of Transportation and the contractor is Geddis Paving and Excavating Inc.

ODOT said they are investigating why the water line was hit, but told WTOL they are addressing homeowner's issues as soon as Wednesday.

They said the project will absorb the costs and once the investigation is complete the responsible party will have to pay. WTOL called Geddis Paving, but no one returned the calls. Christine just wants to see action.

"I think the immediate issue is getting stuff downstairs immediate up and running household things going," said Christine.

She's hopeful the issue will be resolved in a timely manner.

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