Toledo's Capital Improvement Fund holds $9 million

Toledo's Capital Improvement Fund holds $9 million

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The city of Toledo currently has $9 million in the CIP of Capital Improvement Fund.

Toledo City Councilwoman Sandy Spang said she is working to make sure taxpayers know where their tax dollars are going.

"They want professionalism, they want transperancy and they want accuracy," said Spang.

Recently questions were raised about how much money is in the Capital Improvement fund. An estimate was around a few hundred thousand, only to find out $9 million could be spent now.

Spang said this from more income tax than expected and city council rejecting moving $3 million of it to the general fund. This money could be spent on what is much needed.

"I've been saying it's not enough just to do the roads and the sidewalks but we need to look at the curbs to, so the kinds of things that cities do, taking care of our infrastructure," Spang said.

She is also concerned  about about Community Development Block Grant dollars.

Almost $1,000,000 has been spent on the leasing of One Government Center from this money along with part or all of 64 employee's salaries. This grant money comes from the federal government to improve low to moderate income neighborhoods.

"CDBG money is meant not for people, not for programs, but for projects, and so I want to get that money out of government center and into the community," explained Spang.

Spang added that she doesn't think the budget is perfect, but it is headed in the right direction.

""I think we've made strides, I think that the goals are clearly ahead of us, I think we know what the citizen's want and I personally am going to be fighting for those goals."

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