Bowling Green city leaders say levy flier spreading false information

Bowling Green city leaders say levy flier spreading false information

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Residents in Bowling Green have a big decision to make in November regarding a ballot issue to build a new school building and renovate the high school.

Bowling Green School Superintendent Francis Scruci knows it is already a tough fight to get voters to support the district's bond issue. However he says he is also dealing with a flier spreading false information.

"When you spread misinformation, that is where we have to draw the line," Scruci said. "And we have to make sure that people know all of the facts."

This city says about 8,400 fliers went out regarding the bond issue. Scruci knows who mailed them out. She says the reason was because the agricultural community had not been properly informed of the ballot measure.

"I've had three separate meetings with the farm community: Two at the Ohio State extension office and one at our cafeteria, and where nearly 100 people at each of those were invited," Scruci said.

Scruci says the information on the flier is alarming.

On the back, numbers listing how much higher a property owners taxes will go if passed. Scruci says these numbers are incorrect. He says the appraised value, not the market value of a home, is what is used to assess the new taxes.

Even so, the numbers don't properly add up.  Scruci explained his home is appraised higher than the example home, and his taxes will actually be more than $1,000 less than the numbers given.

"Those numbers just don't add up, so it's a scare tactic. It is trying to put fear into people," Scruci said "And yes, it is going to increase our taxes, we understand that. But the investment that we are making is in our kids, in our community, our schools, and the future of Bowling Green. And that's the most important thing."

Another issue Superintendent Scruci has with this flier is it was mailed anonymously. He says it violates state law, since material for or against a campaign is supposed to have an identified group or individual printed on the material.

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