TPD investigating "party drug" laced with meth

TPD investigating "party drug" laced with meth

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo police are seeing an alarming trend with an illegal drug being sold on Toledo streets.

Police say it is a blue triangular tablet. It is sold as Molly or ecstasy, a drug young people seek out during parties.

The drug is dangerous in of itself, but detectives found a batch that is laced with methamphetamine.

"Obviously Molly and ecstasy are illegal, but considered party pills. But for someone to think they are getting that and then they are getting meth is completely different the behavior," said Sgt. Kevan Toney of TPD. "It is different how you respond to that and it's highly addictive."

Detectives are following this batch of drugs, but they are unsure how much there are and how long they have been on the streets.

Police did not comment where the drugs are being sold due to the ongoing investigation. However, they encourage anyone who sees these types of drugs to simply not engage.

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