Sales steady at local gun shop following deadly Las Vegas shooting

Sales steady at local gun shop following deadly Las Vegas shooting

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Gun stores in northwest Ohio are paying attention to the national discussion about gun control, following Sunday's deadly shooting massacre in Las Vegas.

We've seen it following other mass shootings in our country; people rushing to the gun store to buy protection, out of fear they may not be able to if lawmakers pass stricter gun control measures. In fact, gun stocks closed up on Monday in anticipation of a rush to buy guns.

At this point, Cleland's Outdoor World isn't really seeing a huge uptick in sales.

"Good, but nothing crazy," said owner Theresa Cleland.

Could it be, people feel with a Republican in the White House, gun control won't pass? Cleland said she's not really sure.

"The whole world is in such an unsettled state that it's really difficult to say. It's not just one country, it's worldwide now," said Cleland.

She said in Ohio, in order to buy a gun, you need to be a resident of Ohio and have an ID. You also need to pass a federal background check. Even if a person passes a background check, it doesn't means she has to sell them a gun, or that she will.

"I've had people who pass the background check and if I'm not comfortable with them, I'll say, 'I'm sorry, I'm not comfortable with this sale, I'm not going to sell you one today,' It's not good for business, but it's good for me when I got to bed at night, I can sleep," she said.

The only gun legislation advancing in Congress right now is a GOP bill that would make it easier to buy gun silencers.

Opponents argue that would make mass shooters even more dangerous. Supporters said they're just trying to protect the hearing of legal gun owners.

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