Money Talks News: Things to buy in October

Money Talks News: Things to buy in October

(Money Talks News) - Well, fall is finally here,and with it comes falling prices on some of your favorite buys.

Deal News has a list of shopping deals and duds that they believe consumers should buy and avoid.

With 2018 cars now hitting showrooms, October's a good month to find deals on 2017 models. The longer you wait, the better the prices, but selection will get slimmer as the year winds down.

October is known as shoulder season in the travel business.  It is the time between peak and off-season, and a good time to snag deals, especially to Europe.

Then there's gardening supplies. October is a great month for bargains on everything from lawn mowers to leaf blowers to hoses.

However when it comes to electronics, there will be better deals next month, especially around Black Friday. This is particularly true of TVs.

Also this is a bad time to buy winter clothes because it's too early in the season for deals. It's best to wait till Black Friday for this stuff too.

And finally, appliances. Since new models come out in September, October's not bad, but according to Deal News, this should also wait till November.

You know what they say: To everything there is a season, and shopping is no exception. To find more of the best deal every day go to the Money Talks New website and search "deals."

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