Toledo Zoo allows new snow leopard cub on exhibit

Toledo Zoo allows new snow leopard cub on exhibit

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Toledo Zoo is showing off one of their newest additions to the animal family.

A nearly 4-month-old snow leopard cub is now on exhibit.

Dariga, is a female cub who was one of two that was born back in June.

Zoo officials said her brother had to be euthanized due to being diagnosed with series of genetic anomalies.

Dariga's parents were brought to the zoo last year from Europe, with the hopes they would breed.

Snow leopards are listed as endangered, with as few as 4,000 remaining in the wild.

"As snow leopards are an endangered species with a declining population, we hope the community will enjoy watching the female cub grow as much as we do and learning more about conserving this amazing species through her development," said Toledo Zoo's veterinarian and director of animal health and nutrition, Dr. Ric Berlinski.

Dariga's name means "surprise" in Kazakh.

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