How to talk to your kids about the Las Vegas shooting

How to talk to your kids about the Las Vegas shooting

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Horrific images and stories continue to come out of Las Vegas playing across your TV, computer and even your phone and it's all ll within reach of your children.

'It's too much for kids," explained Dr. Adrienne Elhai, a psychologist and director of the Cullen Center at Promedica's Toledo Children's Hospital.

"I mean it's too much for adults, but then you've got kids that don't know how to manage all of that how to regulate all of that so I think you really (should) limit that media."

Dr. Adrienne Elhai is a psychologist with Promedica's Toledo Children's Hospital Cullen Center. She works with children who have suffered trauma.

She said after events like Monday's mass shooting in Las Vegas, it's important to shield your kids from some of the images as well as monitor what they're seeing. She also says parents should talk to their kids about what happened.

"If they are really young and they don't know anything about it, I don't know that you do have this conversation," explained Dr. Elhai. "But as soon as, the older they are, you definitely have that conversation.  You bring it up to them.  Do they know, you ask them, you say,  'Have you heard about this?Are kids at school talking about this? How do you feel about this?'"

She said if they do seem stressed from what they see, it's important to keep an eye on your child as time goes on.

"Are there things,  that are changing? Are the normal kind of behaviors changing? I would expect you would see in the next couple days if they are having problems and then it would kind of settle down and kind of get back to normal," said Dr. Elhai,  "And if that doesn't happen then your mom and dad senses kind of go up."

If problems persist and anxiety increases with your child Dr. Elhai suggests you contact a medical professional.

She said for kids, it's mostly a safety concern and is important to reassure them and provide the listening ear they're looking for after tragedy strikes.

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