Toledo first responders prepare tirelessly for mass casualty, active shooter events

Toledo first responders prepare tirelessly for mass casualty, active shooter events

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It could be a concert venue, school or night club, wherever the location, first responders in Las Vegas and Toledo train tirelessly for mass casualty events and active shooters scenarios.

The massacre in Las Vegas is forcing TFD, TPD and Toledo's trauma centers to take yet another look at how prepared they really are.

ProMedica has hosted several outdoor concerts this summer which were among the tall buildings in downtown Toledo.

Another one is planned for Saturday with performances by country superstars Maddie and Tae.

Chief of Police George Kral said Toledo is not Vegas and the two venues truly don't compare, however safety forces train for scenarios like the one in Vegas and will be as always.

What happened in Vegas filled many with emotions, including Chief Kral, as images of the scene consumed every media outlet.

"They were sitting ducks. To have them systematically murdered is just unacceptable," expressed Kral.

That type of scenario is one TPD, TFD and Lucas County train for several times a year as a group and as individual departments.

"You cant think of every possible contingent so that is why scenario based training using common sense and working together is so important," said Kral.

"We want to make sure that it is in our forethought that these things can happen," said Private Sterling Rahe with the Toledo Fire Department.

Mutual aid pacts are in place for the area. Emergency and safety personnel from surrounding jurisdictions would be ready to respond at a moments notice. And orders would come from a command posts where a liaison from every department remains to ensure everyone gets the same messages and marching orders.

"It's our job. That's why we get paid. We're very well trained and we are going to make sure we go in there and we get in there to keep the people safe as quickly as possible," said Kral.

From Safety to First Aid, medics are trained to rescue the most severely injured from the hot zone.  But when the injured outnumber emergency crews, they rely on others to help.

"When you are inundated with that many injuries or victims, you will rely on bystanders to help you out as needed. People getting out for themselves, the walking wounded if they can get out themselves," said Rahe

TPD and TFD will receive an "After Action" report from Las Vegas Police in the weeks to come, so they can use this real life situation to better prepare Toledo first responders.

As for Saturday's concert , they are considering things that could happen.  But again, they want concert goers to come out and have fun and not change their plans for the weekend concert .

Chief Kral met with the head of ProMedica security. WTOL 11 was notified that  extra resources will be there.

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