Local woman sings at Mandalay Bay

Local woman sings at Mandalay Bay

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - One local woman spends her nights singing at the very hotel, the Mandalay Bay, where the Las Vegas massacre happened.

Tymara Walker graduated from Notre Dame Academy and Bowling Green State University before moving to Vegas in 2011.

Walker was supposed to work last night, but ended up having the night off.

She said when the shooting started, she was sitting at home  watching the events unfold which was devastating.

Walker said she has felt anxiety all day Monday, especially dropping her kids off at school, not knowing if there would be an empty desk next to them.

She was first notified about the massacre by a coworker who also performs with her, and she immediately turned on the TV.

Walker said she only lives about 10 minutes from the strip. Once she knew there was an active shooter, she said she was worrying about her friends and coworkers, but could only pray.

Both she and her husband grew up in Toledo and moved to Vegas about five years ago to get away from the cold weather.

Walker considers Las Vegas her home now, but couldn't have imagined something like this happening in her wildest dreams.

"It's just not something we were sitting here waiting to happen, it is a complete shock. And it's like, I've always been one to pray for those affected by natural disasters and other tragedies and mass shootings and bombings and things like that but, I get it now. It's a totally different feeling when it is in your backyard," said Walker.

Walker said she's not sure when her show will start back up and when she will go back to work.

She said she is confident her community will pull together and get through this.

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