Perrysburg decides to microchip chickens

Perrysburg decides to microchip chickens

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - After more than a year of debate at city council meetings, the Perrysburg chicken debate is finally settled.

City council decided neighbors can keep their hens, they just have to be microchipped.

"I've microchipped many other birds. Parrots get microchipped quite a bit. I've microchipped ostriches and emus and big ratites, the big birds, but I can't say I've ever microchipped a chicken before," said Dr. Kirsten Thomas, the veterinarian from the Toledo Zoo.

The chickens also got physicals while getting microchipped. The process only took a few minutes behind the Perrysburg Municipal building.

The microchips go in between the breasts of the chicken and are only about the size of a grain of rice.

Then, city leaders, or animal care can use scanners to identify the chickens through the microchip.

Before families could bring their chickens to get microchipped, they had to fill out a form and register their hens. Six families registered before the September deadline.

Only the chickens who were already living at homes in Perrysburg during this decision can stay.

There are some rules that come along with the microchipping, no more than 6 chickens per hous and they have to be kept clean, covered and away from neighbor's yards.

Each family paid $75 to keep their hens and then will pay $60 more every year they are still at their home.

No new chickens will be allowed in Perrysburg.

The Toledo Zoo sent vets to microchip the hens both Monday and last Saturday.  During that time, 34 chickens were microchipped.

"For one family, these animals were pets, every single one had a name, everybody had identification, it was very easy to tell them all apart, the other one was much more of a laying family, where they were using them for big control," said Dr. Thomas.

One of the families involved says this isn't ideal, but they're happy they get to keep their chickens.

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