Diverging diamond causes delays for drivers and businesses

Diverging diamond causes delays for drivers and businesses

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Construction is continuing to cause headaches for drivers in and around Perrysburg with some drivers saying they've waited in traffic for close to 20 minutes because of the new diverging diamond.

The construction is impacting not only those driving through the area, but businesses around it too.

"It's just crazy how backed up it is," said Quandra Thomas, who lives in Perrysburg.

John has to wait in a long line of traffic after picking up his granddaughter Sophia from school every day.

He says that never used to happen. The backup from the I-475\SR 25 diverging diamond Interchange adds more than 10 minutes to their commute, which cuts into Sophia's homework time.

"Traffic getting out of here is horrendous because people want to turn left and traffic is bumper to bumper. People turning right, same thing," said John Lemay.

Construction on the 8-million-dollar project started last October. Some businesses like The Flying Joe say they have seen both a negative and a positive impact from the traffic changes.

While some customers avoid the area all together, others are able to stop now for coffee.

"We have a lot of customers that use us as a stop before and after work, so it changes if their route changes, if we're no longer on their route," said Emily Gibson, the assistant manager at The Flying Joe. "But it also has impacted a different kind of customer base."

Other drivers say they must plan ahead if they are headed to the area, giving themselves 20 minutes extra to get where they are going.

"The sucky part about it is the appointment I am leaving from sometimes that might run over, so I got to make sure to stay on top of that or maybe cut my appointment I am going to short, which isn't helping me," said Quandra Thomas, a Perrysburg resident. "So, I am cutting things out of my life that I need, just to avoid traffic."

Traffic has been reduced to just one lane in each direction on State Route 25.

The Ohio Department Of Transportation says they expect their road work to be complete by the end of October with minor work to follow in November.

They say the project will increase capacity through the busy intersection when it is finally completed.

To say that drivers are ready for that day is an understatement.

You'll see me in the streets jumping up and down like there's no traffic," said Quandra Thomas.

Driver John Lemay agrees.

"When it's all done it will be great for everyone. It's the interim that we have to put up with," said Lemay. "We have no choice."

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