Violence becoming common reality on central Toledo street

Violence becoming common reality on central Toledo street

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A mid-afternoon shootout in central Toledo sent one man to the hospital while another is on the run.

But residents who live along Tecumseh Street say this is routine.

Neighbors on Tecumseh heard at least 14 shots back and forth between one shooter in the street and another in an alley. But this is not the first time they have investigated similar crimes.

Residents jokingly refer to this area where the shooting happened as the 'OK Coral,' referring to the famous 18881 Wild West shootout in Tombstone, Arizona.They say a green area and a vacant house on the road draws an unsavory crowd outside the neighborhood.

Wayne Lawrence has lived on Tecumseh for decades and tries to keep his son on the right path.

"The majority of the people who live here are a part of it, so naturally he wants to be a part of it," Lawrence said.

His son is known nationally through YouTube as Pretty Boy Bam Bam. But while he garners national media attention, he is trying to survive the violence.

"When he go out that door, there is the chance that that could take place like it did today," Lawrence said.

Lawrence has a message for those bringing bullets to his neighborhood.

"Quit coming over here because ya'll don't live over here. This is not your stomping grounds. Ya'll don't have homes over here," Lawrence said. 'There are no gangs over here. You have to quit claiming this street and then causing all these problems over here because you are not from here. Quit bringing it over here because we are all trying to live."

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