Prosecutors ask to move accused teen murderer's case to adult system

Prosecutors ask to move accused teen murderer's case to adult system

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A teen accused of killing a woman and shooting another appeared in court Thursday.

The prosecutor told the judge she wants this case against Emannuel Garner moved over to the adult system.

Garner is accused of killing Deasia Wallace earlier this year. Wallace's father Demetrius says he is not happy about his daughter's alleged killer facing tougher penalties in adult court.

"I felt sorry for his family and him too because it's sad. It really is because there was no need for it," Demetrius Wallace said.

The prosecutor told the judge the state will file a mandatory certification to have the case moved to adult court.

Garner already has a felony on his juvenile record. Adding that with the felony murder charge, Garner is a strong candidate to be moved to Lucas County Common Please Court.

While the lawyers work that out, Deasia's family is preaching for the violence to stop.

"Can we please put down the guns and pick up books education wise?" Jeffery Wallace, Deasia's uncle, pleaded. "Get a trade, do something for your life. One day your dead and then what? Lets wake up."

The judge set another hearing for next week, but it will be likely weeks until the judge determines if Garner will be tried as an adult.

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