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Toledo Municipal Court kiosks help probation officers focus on high-risk offenders

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The Reagan Tokes Act, presented Thursday at the Ohio Statehouse, would change the way the Ohio criminal justice system deals with repeat offenders. 

Reagan Tokes was murdered back in February. The man who is accused of killing her has a violent past. 

Brian Golsy's rap sheet ranges from misdemeanors. The Toledo Municipal Court is keeping an extra eye on high-risk offenders. 

"Based on their risk and need levels that are identified by the Ohio Risk Assessment, we take those areas and then create case plan," said chief probation officer Burma Stewart.

These case plans aim to improve their life instead of landing them in prison. 

Part of the Reagan Tokes Act is limiting the amount of cases probation officers deal with. 

They are able to do this at the Toledo Municipal Court by minimizing the time spent with clients who are unlikely to become repeat offenders. 

"We actively monitor the types of cases that our officers supervise, as well as the numbers," Stewart said.

The court put kiosks in place a few years ago to help with this process. The kiosks were recently updated with facial recognition capabilities.

The kiosks allow probation officers more time to spend and work with higher risk offenders.

"They're really doing a great job over here as far as providing services that stop the repeat offense that keep us all safer," said Toledo city councilman Kurt Young.

Toledo Municipal Court leaders say they believe their efforts are working.

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