Trial of former TPD officer accused of having sex with teen delayed

Trial of former TPD officer accused of having sex with teen delayed
Michael E. Moore (Source: Toledo Police)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The trial of a former Toledo police officer accused of paying to have sex with a 13-year-old was pushed back indefinitely Thursday.

Toledo police initially launched an investigation in November 2016 against more.

Thursday, Moore's attorney filed two motions to delay the trial after evidence showed Moore's phone may have been tampered with.

According to court documents, the defense hired a computer forensic examiner to take a look at Moore's phone. The expert's report shows someone looked at the phone a day before the search warrant was served and possibly tried to cover their tracks. The report says someone even deleted something off the phone.

The defense asked to have the case completely thrown out or at the very least exclude the phone and any evidence found on it from of the trial.

"We felt it was critical to bring this information to the judge to determine if there was something improperly done by the police," explained Moore's attorney Lorin Zaner.

After the defenses expert's findings, the prosecution hired an expert to also go through the phone to see if their findings match up.

Another hearing is scheduled for the end of October. Meanwhile, the judge is waiting to receive results form the state's expert before ruling on how to move forward.

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