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Clothesline Project uses t-shirts to spread awareness about sexual violence

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The University of Toledo held its annual Clothesline Project on Thursday to raise awareness about sexual violence. 

T-shirts are individually designed and crafted to publicly express the personal experience of a survivor of sexual assault. 

The display showcases more than 200 t-shirts, and the color of the shirt represents a different type of abuse:

  • White: those who died due to sexual violence
  • Yellow, beige: represents battered and assaulted women
  • Red, pink, orange: survivors of rape and sexual assault
  • Blue, green: survivors of incest and sexual abuse
  • Purple: those attacked because of sexual orientation
  • Black: women attacked for political reasons

The visual display bears witness to violence targeted against women. 

"What we hope to get out of this project is for the UT community to pass by to read these t-shirts and to facilitate conversations with their peers, although difficult, about these types of situations and that we don't stand for this type of conduct," said sexual assault educator Lindsay Tuttle. 

The Clothesline Project was on display from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Centennial Mall. 

Visit here for more information on what you can do to prevent and protect against sexual abuse.

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