UPS hiring 800 seasonal jobs in Toledo

UPS hiring 800 seasonal jobs in Toledo

. - MAUMEE, OH (WTOL) – Transportation and shipping giant UPS is hiring 90,000 people nation-wide, including 800 local jobs in the Toledo area, to gear up for the holiday season.

"It's a great beginning for someone going into college to help with tuition, a great workout, a team atmosphere," said Sherrie Chaney, the health and safety supervisor in their human resources department. "We all work together. We're all trying to get the same job completed."

UPS is hiring the following positions: 400 package handlers, 350 driver helpers for the package cars, which UPS likes to call "Santa's Helpers" and 50 delivery tractor and truck drivers.

Package handlers and driver helpers do not necessarily need to have experience, but package car drivers and tractor/trailer drivers need to have some background in that line of work.

According to Chaney, the seasonal jobs can often transition into a permanent position.

"I started 25 years ago as a loader on the midnight shift as seasonal and was hired back as permanent and things aligned where I was able to make this career and many opportunities have come from it," Chaney said. "I've been an operations supervisor, training supervisor, I had a special international assignment in England for 10 months, health and safety supervisor in their Human Resources department."

The Toledo Hub located at 1550 Holland Road in Maumee is the primary location where hires would be working out of.

This year, UPS is celebrating its 110th year on August 28th. UPS holds a "Founder's Day" celebration at locations around the world, which includes contests and other events at their different branches.

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