Findlay Honor flight brings back good, bad memories for vets

Findlay Honor flight brings back good, bad memories for vets

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - The honor flight out of Findlay made it's third trip to Washington D.C. last Wednesday to take veterans to see the war memorials there.

It was a surprise for Jim Jacobs of North Baltimore.

Arriving in Baltimore for Honor Flight, his son Greg, an Army Sergeant Major flew in from Minneapolis to share in the day with him, and his brother Tom Jacobs who is also also a veteran.

"I was gonna call him today. Too late now.  I was really surprised," said Jim.

"This is an experience I will remember just for the memorials for the wars they served in. I'm just following in their footsteps," said Greg.

George Snyder of Maumee, a WWII veteran,  95, has plenty of stories to tell.

While being at the Memorial, flood of memories came back to him. He was in the Africa and Italy campaign and was actually captured by the Germans near Rome.

For 28 days he was a prisoner until he escaped.

"Somebody made a break for it and when they're shooting at you, you run, too. That's what I did.  My buddy and I left together. It took that many days to get back to our lines," explained Snyder.

But the sense of loss in inescapable.

About 408,000 Americans lost their lives.

Dorothy Cochran of Fostoria, 95, said after all these years, the pain still lingers.

"All the boys who lost their lives over there.It just makes me so sad. I knew some of those boys," said Cochran.

Flag City Honor Flight has more trips planned in 2018 and anyone can apply.

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