Toledo water safe to drink, some still stocking up

Toledo water safe to drink, some still stocking up

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Your water is safe to drink.

If you look at the water quality dashboard it shows the water here in Toledo is safe to drink.

We are in clear, and the water is "non-detect" for microcystin, but if you look in stores you might think something else. Some shelves completely wiped clean.

The Collins Park Water Treatment Plant and City of Toledo are treating the water just as normal hence the clear reading on the dashboard.

However, Wednesday at Walt Churchill's Market in Perrysburg people were taking what they call extra precaution buying a bit more water than normal.

If you look out at Lake Erie or even the Maumee River, you'll find much less algae than the past few days. The water dashboard shows a clear reading, but those at Churchill's decided to add water to their grocery list.

"You know, I'm hearing rumors and there's green, to look at it just doesn't look great, so I was a good girl scout and I thought I would be ready," said Bonnie Danford, a south Toledo resident.

"In case we do need it to use if we can't use the regular water readily," said Robert Robida, a Perrysburg resident. "We just want it there in case we do need it for brushing our teeth and maybe for cooking things like that."

Brad has a one-year-old at home and said  he's weary of the dashboard's reading for his family's sake and plus, they will drink the water eventually no matter what.

"I really don't have a lot of trust in the local government, so got to be careful," said Brad Schoen, a Perrysburg resident buying extra water.

Several shoppers said they only bought a little more than normal because it's best to be prepared so they don't repeat what happened in 2014.

"Just to be ready, just in case because unlike last time when it gets sold out right away and then you have to drive far away to get water," said Kate Simcox, who bought her water while one break from her job. "I'd rather be prepared then have to pay gas money than water money."

Shoppers are hopeful they won't need their extra water, and that the dashboard will remain in the clear.

Again the city's water quality dashboard shows the water is safe to drink, if you want to check the status of the water you can visit the City of Toledo's website. 

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