Boaters concerned about algae in Maumee River

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Folks who store their boats at a dry rack marina like at  Pier 75, have a little bit better luck because their boat won't sit in the algae filled river.

Craig Kennedy, an employee with more than 10 years of experience in working on boats at Pier 75 said he's never seen such dense green algae in the Maumee River as he does now.

However he said his clients don't have to worry so much.

"As you come up the river, they come out of the bay if there's any algae on their boat is gets washed off by the time they get there because the waters a little cleaner up here," said Kennedy.

For the most part, he said the algae is just going to be a big pain in the neck for boaters who float their boats,especially in the point place area.

But boaters from Maumee believe the algae is disturbing and concerning, not just an annoyance.

"My real opinion is that it's coming from Fort Wayne, from way up river in Indiana. And it's not Toledo's problem. It's kind of a farmer problem," said  Phil Ziemke, a boater on Maumee Rive

Research has shown that fertilizers used in farming, contribute to the high levels of phosphorus in the lake and river which encourages algae growth.

Staff at Pier 75 say they have seen more boaters coming towards their part of the river to get away from the algae.

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