New homeowners in Springfield School District upset about property taxing

New homeowners in Springfield School District upset about property taxing

HOLLAND, OH (WTOL) - Some homeowners in Springfield School District spoke out on Wednesday at the school's board meeting.

They're upset because some new homeowners are paying property taxes based on the sale price of their home rather than the appraised value.

Legally, the school board can tax homeowners that way. However because of the recently passed levy by voters, the school cannot collect more in the levee amount.

But what some homeowners are upset about is that the school is choosing which homes will be assessed based on sale price or property value.  And in most of the case it's the new homeowners who are having to pay a higher property taxes. New homeowners such as Debra Hoffman.

She said her security clearance for her job is in jeopardy because of the letter she received saying she was delinquent on back taxes because of the new assessment.

"But right now I'm kind of being singled out in my neighborhood. I'm the only one on my street paying a higher rate. They aren't paying anything even close to mine and it's unfair. if they would wait until the auditor does their increase across the board at least everybody would increase," said Hoffman

The same situation happened in Sylvania School District. Sylvania's school board decided to wait until the state auditors office releases property value assessment next year.

Springfield's school board met at length in their executive session after the public portion of the meeting. They said that they will continue to discuss the concerns of the resident.

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